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The written word is the most important user interface. Whether it's used in a video, a podcast, on a blog post or on a basic web page, writing matters. Synapse develops ideas and finished works that help you:

          1) connect with customers and prospects

          2) compel people to take specific actions

          3) create buzz about your company in the press and on social media

          4) find leads, boost sales and raise prices

          5) positively differentiate you from competitors

          6) tell your stories in unique and compelling ways

We make people actually want to read your website and engage with your company! 

Some of Our Clients

  • When you find a reliable, experienced freelance team like Synapse, it's often cheaper, quicker and less complicated than doing it in-house.
    — Wona Chung, Marketing Director, DemandTec
  • Some writers take it personally when their work is criticized. Not Phil. He rolls with the punches and provides revisions and rewrites as our creative process evolves.
    — Ray Dischino Senior Editor, Creative Services Hyperion Solutions (Oracle)
  • We needed a writer who could write good marketing copy but also one with the background and experience required for communicating with engineers, product managers, partners and customers. Synapse delivered.
    — Linda DiBiasio, Editor, Ariba Magazine
  • We handed Phil an enormous, highly complex writing job for a client on the east coast that he handled beautifully. The project required conference calls, review cycles, and revisions, and Phil didn't miss a beat. We have great confidence in Synapse for tight-deadline high-tech writing projects.
    — Gwenn Marie, Creative Director, Coombs Media

 Grow your business with scheduled, measured production processes. Synapse Services helps you produce quality content that generates demand, creates leads and closes business.  Start crafting articles, infographics, web content, video, audio and presentations now.

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We've been doing this for 18 years, and we've learned some things.

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Our copywriting division:

Copywriting, script writing, book editing and professional creative writing for a wide range of technical and non-tech businesses.