10 Reasons to Write a Case Study ASAP.. and 5 Reasons Why You Won’t

Customer success stories are gold. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Case studies show how specific problems are solved. This is important. Web copy and brochures are often product- and service-focused. They make your solutions sound too techie and inaccessible. Most people are tired of reading overt product pitches with distant, corporate prose and 2nd person formality.
  2. Lead generation. If you can get your vertical-specific stories into the hands of the right list, you have a much greater chance of developing quality leads.
  3. Re-affirm your value in the mind of existing customers. When your customs get on a conference call with your writer/journalist and the solution team, they relive the positive experience. As they pace through all those good feelings again, you increase your chances for referrals and repeat business. The value of the initial engagement seeps in deeper when you revisit the experience with them.
  4. Testimonials. You can use the customer “sound bites” you collect in the case study interview as tight testimonial quotes. Sprinkle them throughout your site, and you’ve just added another layer of gold.
  5. Storytelling rules! People love stories about adversity and triumph (Hollywood knows this, Horatio Alger knows this, your mom knows this, you know it – it’s etched in the cultural gene code).
  6. Demonstrate your company’s expertise without looking arrogant. Sometimes standard brochure and Web copy sounds egotistical with all that “look what we can do” bravado. Success stories allow the corporate entity to get out of its own way.
  7. Connect with specific verticals. When customers understand how their specific industry benefits from your solutions, everyone wins.
  8. Reposition your product to a different audience. You can base an entire marketing campaign on one case study. Simply capture the story of how a specific vertical used your solution and then mail to this target list (or Google AdWords, banner advertise, etc.).
  9. Quickly, clearly communicate the ROI of your solution/product/service. Money and productivity savings are critical components in the “results” section of any good case study. When you gather these metrics from customers, you can bowl over new prospects with the info.
  10. Your competition might beat you to it!

There are plenty more reasons to get your success story pipeline filled up. So, why aren’t you jumping at the chance? We understand, you’re busy for one thing. Here are some other reasons why we see companies avoiding this critical exercise.

5 Reasons You Won’t

  1. Existing creative staff and agency resources are busy with other stuff
  2. You don’t have a quickly executable process in place
  3. You don’t know where to start, who to call or what interview questions to ask them
  4. You don’t have time to do the background research
  5. You’re afraid you’ll get stuck, miss your deadlines, or get distracted by some other project

One Nike sentence for you: Just Do It

Remember, case studies open the door to meetings, demonstrate your company’s expertise and allow your customers to speak to your strengths.