7 Copy Tips For Better Business Writing . . Plus 3 Bonus Tips

  1. Establish the audience right away and keep focused on them
  2. Forgo ‘style copy’ and use ‘selling copy’
  3. Break complex sentences into shorter, clearer sentences
  4. Arouse the curiosity of the reader (rather than satisfy it)
  5. Provide readers smooth transitions so they don’t look up and get distracted from the piece
  6. Write compelling benefits into heads and subheads
  7. Support ideas with vivid examples

And the bonus round:

  1. Use real facts and numbers (i.e. ’57 satisfied customers’ vs. ‘dozens of satisfied customers’)
  2. Go back and weed out excessive adjectives
  3. Provide a compelling call to action at the end of every piece (or prominently in an ad)