A Simple Recipe for Long Posting to Google+ and LinkedIn then Short Posting to Twitter

Each social media site has it’s own format, style and user expectation. Posts can be longer in Google Plus, Twitter is a furious feed of short content, Slideshare is all about presentations, and Pinterest and Instagram are visually oriented. So, you need to adapt your content for each platform, but you also need to stay productive and not spend so much time fiddling.

Here’s a simple, quick strategy for custom posting on Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn while blasting out lots of short posts to Twitter.


What you want to do is save your thoughtful, long posts for the Google Plus Share button. Let’s say you’ve posted something like this article on your blog, and you want to share it. Just navigate to the page, hit the Google Plus share button, and your post is automatically stacked into Friends Plus Me and shared according to your sharing schedule.

The text can be long form, so you can include a good portion of the article before it jumps to your blog page link. And, if you have your post designed properly, Google Plus and LinkedIn will grab whatever image you’ve selected for the post and show that in their feeds.

To stack your post and any other stuff you want to share with the noisier Twitter feed, you’ll simply click your Hootsuite or Buffer extension

This also works nicely if you want to share someone else’s content. For example, with this AdWeek article you could take one of the more interesting long quotes from the article and share that in its entirety with the link showing up below. Take this bit: "..the increasingly mobile social media frontier is now exploding with unexpected, and seemingly inhospitable, new inhabitants that look really scary to all but the most daring brands. If advertising on Facebook was thought to be intrusive, try inserting a trademark into a private group conversation or targeting people who don’t want to be identified."

And that's your comment. You could add some hashtags after that, like #mobilemarketing #advertising #iphone #whisper

Then you switch over to Hootsuite and schedule the post for 5 different time slots in a given week. . . with slightly modified titles and different times to target East Coast early risers, West Coast ones, and the time zones in between. Maybe a Saturday morning one, too.

What’s your recipe for strategic social media posting? Please comment below if you've got a good one.

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