Harvard Business Review Webinar: Dan Pink on the New Sales Realities

Dan Pink put on a great webinar for the Harvard Business Review today. Clicking this link or the image to the right will get you there.

One of my thoughts was: Shouldn't sales people who are serious about making a living be more concerned about what they choose to sell?

The access to data about Mentos will become much more prevalent for the shop owner, so that kind of career should go away. Pink mentioned a Mentos and shop keeper example in the presentation when talking about being a sales person who provides insights about sales information as opposed to insights about "my products." 

The better industry for sales (and I can support this by observing my friends who are successful in sales) is in complex fields, like enterprise tech, long cycle software sales, biotech, energy/engineering, environmental/legal, etc.

Experience matters here, and customers aren't likely to figure out what the realities are, what works, what doesn't, what's changing, how to interpret the data, etc.

Find the career with the "black box."

What are your thoughts?