How to act like a famous brand or movie: A 9-Question Investigation


In BuzzMarketing, Mark Hughes talks about companies whose brands are famous. You know them – Starbucks, In & Out Burger, Coca Cola, The GAP, Old Navy, The Limited, J.Crew, Michellin, Rolls Royce, L’Ocitane, Khiels, Apple, you know the ones.

These brands have a glitzy star quality to them because they achieve certain things but also because they’ve artfully crafted certain images and feelings via marketing.

I like the fame analogy, because it’s useful for analyzing companies and marketing efforts. You can look at your company or your client’s company through this lens and see where you’re succeeding and failing. Think of the company as an actor, and think about what this actor is doing to further the box office revenues.

To figure out if you’re in the process of making your brand famous, ask yourself a few questions:

1) How does your company act in public? Are you outrageous and brash? Buttoned down and classy? (there’s no right answer here)
2) What’s your reputation in the industry? Are you a prima donna? Do you take cues from directors (i.e. customers)?
3) Who comes to see your movies? (demographics)
4) What do the moviegoers like to order when they watch your movies? (cross-selling, partnerships)
5) Are you accessible to your fans?
6) Do you take advice from your audience?
7) Are they talking about you on the talk show circuits?
8) Are you invited to promote your career on shows, in magazines?
9) How does your audience find about your upcoming performances? (via the Web, word of mouth, trade press, referrals, general press?)

Answer these questions, and you can get at the heart of your brand promise and begin making it famous.

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