How to Connect with Spend-Resistant Prospects – 7 Answers

Technology executives, marketing managers, creative directors, sales people, CMOs, VPs and CEOs all have one thing in common. Rain or shine - you have to sell.

You can't just turn off the bull-horn and expect to save money by being quiet. That's a recipe for disaster.


We've detailed this elsewhere, demonstrating how the smart companies actually gain market share during recessions or depressions, so I won't belabor that point any further.

So, how do you connect with customers when they're so resistant to new spending initiatives?  How do you generate better leads when customer budgets are shrinking?

Here a quick, high-level run-down of the pertinent answers.

First, you should show them:

  • How your solution saves them money.
  • How your solution helps them make money.
  • New ways to make money.
  • How your solution helps simplify their business.
  • How your solution helps them reduce head count (painful as that subject may be).
  • How to eliminate wasteful activity.
  • Real life customers you've helped do all of the above (as case studies)

The next question you should be asking is: How do I find people that are interested in these topics (with respect to my solutions/products/services)?

We have several different approaches to this last question. Some are social media related, some involve emailing people, some use good old-fashioned direct mail, and some utilize Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

The key is to start now and build an efficient system for carrying out these types of direct marketing plans. Scheduling and persistence is critical.