Need sales & marketing support? We can be your dog.


As a busy sales person, you don’t have a lot of time to produce professional content for your presentations, lead campaigns and trade shows. But now more than ever, you’re judged by your digital image, social media presence and thought leadership activities.

You don’t have to be a Photoshop or web dev expert

Our services help you focus on closing and setting meetings instead of wrestling with production and design software (think Adobe, Hootsuite, email campaign apps, and PowerPoint).  

We're like your own personal bird-dog for content production and social support.

We help with the cumbersome design and content development work, so your meetings and appointments have all the right presentation copy, graphics, diagrams and concepts in place. We also do the busy social media work so you’re positioned as an expert in your field and have constant exposure to other thought leaders and partnership opportunities.

Who’s the winner here?

  • Save time

  • Spend your time closing and prospecting

  • Exposure to journalists, thought leaders and partners

  • Management teams notice that you’re working longer, faster and smarter

  • Become a promotion and networking machine

  • Always crank out the best custom presentations for clients

  • Be more than ready for your next meeting

  • Expose your company and your own business with high-profile marketing activities

Double your productivity by virtually working 24X7

We can get things done overseas at night while you’re sleeping and present you with multiple options for different layouts, designs and concepts in the morning. However, our strategy, editing and proofing teams are here in the U.S. (Southern California). We’ve got the final QC and QA teams ready for your reviews in English, with high-quality professional editors for a variety of complex verticals.

Use us as an alternative to your existing vendors or just supplement your internal marketing resources.

Our teams support marketing production in a quick, flexible, agile manner. These are high-quality, low cost support options that help you win business and stay in front of customers and prospects.


  • Presentations

  • Social support

  • Icons, diagrams, graphics, infographics

  • Landing pages, offers, promotions

  • Targeted marketing campaigns

  • Email campaigns

  • Microsites

  • Lead funnel processes

  • Web ads

  • Social media posts

  • Commenting (e.g. Yelp responses)

  • SEO

  • SEM

  • SMM

  • Invitations

  • Zip banners

  • Trade show booths

  • Updating profiles

  • Following thought leaders

  • Building up social profiles

Easy to engage, rapid delivery

Pick up the phone or send a text, and our team springs into action. We can set a meeting to detail multiple projects that need to be completed in 1, 2 or 3 week project windows. Or we can start immediately on “fire-drill” 1-2 day delivery windows for smaller projects.

Send us your keywords, topics and product/solution categories

We work from your keyword lists to deliver social content sharing support, monitor competitor posts (and ensure you’re not promoting their information), and stay on top of the topics that matter to your customers and prospects.

Contact us for info on pricing packages, how it works, and new reporting features.

P.S. We've been delivering these services for the past 8 years. It's really nothing new. However, we've just formalized some packaged deals and have a really good handle on what's the right fit for specific of departments, companies and sales teams.