Phil Dunn - Personal Value Bio

I hate to brag, but when I come across unqualified, inexperienced pitchmen out there in the marketing wild . . sometimes I feel like I must. 

A bulleted story of me below:

  • Bestselling marketing author (McGraw-Hill). Ask me about how this happened (pdunn [at] It's a pretty cool story.

  • A journalist that sold out! Ask me why and how, and we can go deep into the real weirdness behind this.

  • A technology buff (more than that - a tech student of 40 years). I’ve been in the game since the Apple II+ and Pong. But I followed through as a software developer, consultant, and as a copywriter for big enterprise software and hardware companies, including: Microsoft, HP, CA, Hyperion-Oracle, Hughes, Message Broadcast, SGI, NetApp, Deloitte . . .  and many small businesses in similar markets.

  • Son of a programmer (that’s how I got the Apple II+) and a graphic designer. I’ve got the tech chops plus the artist’s eye. Dad built occupancy sensor systems for controlling lighting and HVAC in commercial and office buildings. He also programmed energy monitoring systems in supermarkets and high-rise buildings (for Honeywell) . . and created the first CD-ROM encyclopedias of the 1980’s and 90’s - everything from butterfly reference books to Chinese herbal medicine guides that are the bedrock of today’s Ayurvedic and Eastern medicine trends. Mom crafted logos, letterhead and storyboards for advertising in the 1960’s through 1980’s. She worked for Young & Rubicam (Y&R), the ad agency that produced the first American color TV commercials in the 1960s. We’re all UC Berkeley grads. Sister went to UCSB and is a locally famous landscape architect.

  • A fine artist who paints impressionistic nature and people scenes in oil. I also sketch in pencil and take unique, smartphone-composed photos.

  • Design snob. I have a rare taste for layout, design, color and space that comes from 22 years of working in both online and offline marketing. . . and my family background/education.

  • Research maniac. I have a history B.A. from UC Berkeley and a journalism M.A. from USC (Trojans not Gamecocks). 

  • Video-interview crazed marketing fiend. My team started a 3-year odyssey into chef interviews and restaurant/food promotion.

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