Should You Use Hootsuite or Buffer for managing social media posts?. . or something else entirely?

Here at Synapse, we’ve been using Hootsuite to manage multiple client social media accounts (social profiles), and multiple team members. I've been looking at Buffer lately, because Hootsuite has a pretty serious flaw, IMHO. You can't stagger post scheduling per social profile.


Generally, you want to have lots of Twitter posts going out all day (due to the nature of that busy feed). On Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus, however, you want to do less - maybe 2-3 posts a day depending on your community and engagement habits and user tolerance. You don't want to load up those channels with Twitter-style chatter volume.

With Hootsuite, you can't create separate scheduling frequency per profile. It's all or nothing. Or all Twitter plus separate manual efforts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Using Buffer, however, you can have separate schedules for each individual social profile. So here’s the process in brief:

1. Install the Buffer extension. I’m using Google Chrome, so it’s an extension. There’s a Firefox one, too.

2. Link up all your social profiles for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so forth in the Buffer Web App.

3. Set individual profiles for each social profile. You can learn a lot about the best times to Tweet and share from Jay Baer and his Convince and Convert site.

4. Get out there and surf articles that are relevant to your topics and start sharing with the Buffer extension. Of course, you’ll want to insert your own content, offers and promotions into the feeds occasionally, too.

By the way, you can do the same thing with the Google Plus Share Extension. If you're really into Google+, which you should be due to Google authorship and SEO factors, you could focus on this as your main point of organization/entry. You can use FriendsPlusMe combined with the Share on G+ chrome extension to share and schedule content. Once you've hit the extension button, the content, short link and any modifications you make go out to any profiles you include on your F+Me account. Scheduling adjustments are available per social profile in F+Me.

Either one of these scenarios present very efficient processes for sharing on multiple social media platforms without annoying low traffic channels with over-enthusiastic posting. Good times.