New Interview: MediaShower Asked Me a Few Questions About Content Marketing for Technology Companies and IT Solutions Providers

Here's the main article: How Can Quality Content Affect Tech and IT? Phil Dunn of Synapse Services Co. Explains

Some highlights are below. . 

"The content I create is a mix of persuasion and entertainment. That’s what I’m passionate about: moving people and moving markets."

"The age of the generalist journalist is over. The Internet, of course, is the big catalyst. Data, testing, and social signals have changed the way content success is measured – often in startling ways."

"People are afraid to utilize video. Most of us don’t want to get on camera and explain ourselves, our companies, our philosophies, our techniques, and our aspirations for our customers. Interview-format video is the best and fastest way to capture this info and put a face to the brand. Plus, you can repurpose transcribed video into all kinds of blog posts, articles, bios, and tip sheets. People need to start thinking about starting their marketing efforts with video."

"Case studies are great because they let your existing customers expound upon how and why they chose you to solve a specific problem of theirs. A case study is basically a challenge-solution-result format for capturing a customer experience via interview (typically)."

"Quality web content is the bedrock of quality marketing. It’s always going to be critical for technology companies (and everybody else for that matter). We’re all reading, listening, and viewing from our phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops these days. More stuff will come along, like VR and in-glasses screens, but good content will always be the differentiator no matter what the medium."

There's lots more in the interview here. Check it out!