My Story . . and it relates to yours. 

I'm a wordsmith and a storyteller living in this modern age where every person and business is an information publisher and educator. I also happen to be the son of a master graphic artist (Mom) and a brilliant computer programmer (Dad).

In my own business, I struggled with finding the time to craft my message and get it out to the right people who need my help with email campaigns, social media support, articles, case studies, white papers, etc.

I found that my thoughts and actions were so immersed in my own business that I couldn't identify accurately with my prospects and clients. I was so into marketing jargon and theory that I couldn't directly relate to their day-to-day issues. Plus, I didn't have the time to pay attention to my own stuff while working on client projects.

Then I discovered another writer and business thinker who had a fresh perspective on what I was trying to do.

He helped me re-craft my messaging, engage my audiences, and drive more business at higher rates.

My guess is that's what you want, as well - more attention, more trust, more engagement and more sales at higher profits. 

Call me at 949-244-9440, and I'll help you in the same way my friend helped me. Or schedule some time on my calendar.