The Simplest, Most Basic Video Can Immediately Separate You From Competitors

As long as it includes: * Humility * Authenticity * Personality * Persuasion * Interest

Below are some samples of our video style and flexibility. Most of these are based on our core philosophy: We love to feature business owners in order to communicate business value and establish personality and expertise. 

The first one here is a bit of a brag. Our documentary on Pascal Olhats was selected for the 2016 Newport Beach Film Festival. We sold out two showings! 

The rest are short-format local business videos that help drive business for the companies. Learn more about why and how videos help your marketing efforts here.


Functional Sports Performance increased their revenue by 50% in four months by using our video/Facebook promotion strategies. They onboarded a nearby corporate office, two local sports teams, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a trainer and 15 new clients in that time frame. We did it with authentic video and some targeted Facebook ads. We provide the video and editing services then back it up with sound social media marketing campaigns that get results. 

KND Real Estate had similar results. Ask us about the GrubTribe videos, too. We built this giant community in less than a year by using video marketing and social media. 

Final note: We like to start with video then break out other kinds of content based on the interviews. We can do infographics, articles, blog posts, executive briefs, industry reports and so on after capturing the video. If you do it right the first time, all the other content falls into place, and you have all kinds of opportunities to improve SEO, capture more traffic, and expose your business to targeted clientele. 




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