Video Clip Marketing - Gain the Advantage Before It's Too Late

People in the business of trust and authority benefit most from authentic, instructive, personality videos that showcase their ethics, insights and work processes.

Ideal subject matter experts include:

  • Finance professionals
  • Wealth managers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Real estate agents
  • Lenders and capital/equipment finance companies
  • Luxury car dealers
  • Airplane and boat salespeople and brokers
  • Insurance brokers and sales people

If your business deals in trust and authority, you owe your digital audiences a look at your philosophies, orientation and strengths. These don't have to be long form sales videos that display your promises and require endless legal review.

You just want to put your face forward and connect with them so they can understand if they're a fit for your services. You're not going to get disqualified by posting videos, but you're going to be light years ahead of your competitors by making a personable connection first.

Short clips can be shared on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is where the people are these days. They're stuck in their phones, tablets and laptops, looking at feeds that are tailored to their specific needs and desires. You can be in those feeds.

Call us today to find out more about how to produce low-cost videos that put you in your best light and allow people to sample your character before they click on your contact info. This is a huge opportunity to make your name and ideas known. Note pads with your photo and ads in the local luxury magazine just don't cut it any more.

The eyeballs and attention are in digital devices. This is the new advertising landscape. SAMPLES HERE

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BONUS: The really cool thing about video is that it's the ultimate starting point for developing other content like articles, how-tos, executive briefs, newsletter content, infographics and much more. Once you capture the video, the information can be re-purposed in so many different ways that strengthen your brand and bring leads into your conversion funnels.