EXPOSED: Dirty Secrets of Online Marketing and Video Production

Businesses of all kinds have been forced to recognize a very unsettling trend over the past few years. Traditional advertising no longer works the way it used to.

The old forms of advertising (direct mail, PR, TV ads, radio ads, print, outdoor, etc.) have been replaced by related new forms:

  • Email marketing (direct mail's low-cost, evolutionary ape)
  • YouTube or video content (the fastest way to get into the heads of busy people - great for "how-to's")
  • Podcasts and audio (easily re-purposed from solid, well designed video content)
  • Social media marketing (this is often considered a FREE form of PR, but it's not really free)
  • Mobile-optimized content and ads (faces are now in phone screens more than they are gazing at billboards)

Lately, however, these digital forms have come under intense assault. Ad-blocking technology and genuine disgust and inattention by many social media users has made it very difficult to overtly pitch on the web.

Same Goals . . Insanely Noisy Environment

All this digital marketing stuff is accessible to businesses that want to connect more closely with their target audiences, but since everyone is now involved in many of these seemingly low cost activities, it's difficult to cut through all the noise.

Everyone's blogging with text articles and trying to game the SEO angles. That's the cheapest way to pump out content.

Everyone's got a MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma or Aweber email marketing account that they blast emails through when they find spare time. Their lists and target segments are often in shambles, however.

Everyone's updating their social media sites, thinking their products and services will get noticed. Hmmm.

Everyone's collecting "likes" and RT's, but they're not quite sure what that means to their bottom line.

Everyone thinks their products and services are awesome, but, in many cases, they haven't taken the time to fully describe them in ways that potential customers connect with.

Everyone's reading long articles from marketing experts and social media gurus encouraging them to do all this stuff, but they rarely take action after they've digested the advice. ;-)

The $$$ Questions

Here are the big questions:

What can you do today to make sure you've got interesting content to share that helps your customers and potential customers understand what you do in a clear, concise, rapid manner?

How can you honestly portray your value without annoying people or coming off as scammy or "corporate?"

How can you use the available tools to advertise your business, solve customer problems and build revenue organically (without paying the usual middlemen like PR firms, ad agencies, media buyers and the like)?

Why Start with Video? Isn't That Expensive?

Video is the answer, and here's the kicker . . if you start with video, you get content locked up really quickly, and you can re-purpose the information into all the other forms (blog posts, podcasts, infographics, banner ads, landing pages, social posts and more) in an impressively rapid manner. PLUS . . you've instantly beaten your competition at a game they're too timid, shy or incompetent to play.

How do you do this?

Break out your DSLR or even your iPhone, and start capturing casual, informative videos that showcase:

  • Customer case studies or success stories (capture them at the moment of truth, when they're bragging about your value)
  • Product or service demonstrations (these can be done on-screen, too, with software like ScreenFlow)
  • Executive Q&A interviews (throw on a nice shirt and converse with an experienced interview team)
  • Employee interviews (employees that are close to the customers, like chefs and servers in a restaurant or general managers or sales people in a retail setting, often deliver high-value insights that prospects need to witness)
  • How-tos (if your product or service offers a niche solution to a very specific problem, how-tos can give you instant exposure on YouTube)

Those are just a few places to start. There are all kinds of other ways to use video as a marketing and customer service tool.

Learn to Use a Few Tools

Once you've compiled some decent video, you need to edit some clips to fit various long-form and short-form formats.

Use iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or Windows Movie Maker to tighten up the piece, eliminate pauses and structure a narrative by re-arranging cuts. iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are easy-to-use solutions that can get a lot of the heavy lifting done without the bells and whistles the other tools offer.

If you're going to do screener demos, ScreenFlow is a good option. We use ScreenFlow and Camtasia, but there are other options out there. Just do a Google search for ScreenFlow alternatives and test out a few options.

NOTE: Your video doesn't have to be professional quality these days, but that can help in certain industries.

Time-Saving Options

If you don't want to spend time editing and processing video, and if you need guidance from professionals, it's useful to hire an experienced outside team.

These days, the ability to consistently pump out high-value video content is important. With a professional video team, you don't waste time setting up and obsessing about production details. (And, you can use the video as a starting point for other content formats like written case studies, podcasts, executive briefs, industry updates and so on.) But more importantly, you get things done quickly. 

Our team, for example, can knock out a demo and executive interview in less than two hours. Your employees are only out of pocket for about an hour of camera time. We hustle in, set up and hustle out. This is different than typical, top-heavy production teams. We also have thousands of hours of experience interviewing and conducting on-camera demos. There's a lot of value there. You get higher quality cameras and lighting, too.

If you want to produce a company overview video, we can help with that, as well. By combining customer, employee, executive and demonstration clips, we can put together a overview narrative that captures the value, philosophies and advantages of using your products or services. 

We're also experienced with community building and social media marketing. The infographic below (which is a little dated) shows you how we built a highly-targeted foodie community with video. The numbers are significantly higher as of today.

Video Works

We've helped all kinds of companies grow their business with video, including:

  • restaurants/chefs
  • farmers
  • a soccer league
  • a professional sports training gym
  • a Fortune 100 consulting firm
  • local real estate brokers


You have to carve out time to capture video, and you need to be consistent about posting and sharing your clips and the related content that's derived from the original video capture (photos, transcripts, text, audio, graphics, infographics, reports, etc.).

The other key consideration? Don't waste time making boring, overly-produced vanity reels. We recommend honest, authentic, benefit-driven, customer-needs-first videos that show:

  • the real reasons why people connect with your business
  • the “how-to’s” and demonstrations of your products and services
  • the guts and the grit that make you who you are and show your customers why they should choose you over your competitors

Most of these can be accomplished with an experienced interview and demo team behind the cameras, and with a competent video editor. 

 Some of our production samples are here. And, thanks for reading this far! 

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Leads, new business and recurring business start with great content. 

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