Deloitte whipped up a nice little calendaring app for their consultant armies. We quickly produced a feature and function tour video for them. The ability to nimbly produce YouTube videos like this on a moment's notice proved invaluable. The information got into the right hands, and they didn't have to wait weeks by dealing with a traditional agency. Oh, and the cost was super-low. Why? Low overhead at Synapse and inexpensive tools get the job done.

We scripted, storyboarded and produced this video for C-Tabs in record time. Pricing was very reasonable for such a professional look and sound. Resolution is stepped down here for page loading purposes. 

A five-minute marketing strategy and plan for one of our clients. Includes yearly, quarterly and weekly activies plus integrated social marketing and content creation scenarios.

These next two are strategy and marketing plan videos we share with clients as a part of our kick-off meetings.  

Deal flow and contact outreach planning for rounding up and following through with opportunities.